Hi! My name is Karen, and I’m a 40-something wife and working Mom. I have an awesome 17 year old son who keeps me young and “woke.” We’re “Gucci.”

I started my blog back in 2010, as a way to share our adventures with family and friends. It’s since evolved into my personal online journal.

It’s a blog about everything and nothing, just my little adventures. Or should I say, misadventures?

In my spare time I enjoy decorating, crafting and baking. I haven’t done any posts on the subject yet, but I’m into genealogy.

So me...

Christmas (followed closely by Halloween) is my favorite time of the year. But, I’ll take any excuse to decorate and have fun!

My guilty pleasure is, of course, shopping!  Antiques, Pottery Barn, Target, Home Goods etc…Pottery Barn Addiction

We have three puppies, Liesl, Gubler and Anneke. Liesl and Gubler are both rescues. Nothing is more rewarding than saving a life. Anneke was adopted from a breeder. All three bring us so much love, life and joy.

We love to travel. We’re pretty much all alone here in Florida, with the rest of the family scattered throughout the U.S. and Europe. Most of our vacations, as of late, incorporate at least some kind of family visit.

I’m a huge Disney fan, and I guess it’s OK to say, a former Cast Member. We’re passholders and go to the parks a lot.

Whether it’s the books I read, the movies I watch, or the decorations I put out at Christmas, I have a penchant for the whimsical. I’ll never fully grow up. Thus my blog title, The Whimsical Lady.

I’m striving to improve my life with a new fitness routine, weight loss goals, and an overall lifestyle change. It’s slow going, but I’m determined. It seems the more I diet, the fatter I get. I need a new strategy.

Like many others, we’re still underwater and stuck in a small townhouse. Our plan to stay here for a year or two, before moving on to bigger and better, went out the window when the housing market continued to tank. I’m resolved to make the best of it! I’m getting pretty good at learning to make do with what I have. Honestly… It’s hard sometimes. I’m in a constant battle to de-clutter and learn how to live within my small space.

My goal is to create a warm and inviting home for my family, and fill it with love. It’s the only goal.

Feel free to follow along with my misadventures!

Karen xoxo

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