Easter in the Dining Room and the Computer Room

First up is the dining room. These cute little sheep are brand new this year from Pier 1.

Pier One Sheep

I love their faces. They are sooo sweet!

Pier One Sitting Sheep

Bottles on Cart

My Bumbershoot Lady, from Byers Choice, will be living on the Bar Cart for now.

Bart Cart with Bumbershoot Lady

The Bunny Bottle Cover is new from Pottery Barn. I didn’t notice it prior to taking these pictures, but that Bunny is pretty pissed off!

Pottery Barn Bunny

Gee whiz… I wonder what crawled up his butt? What’s that you say? A bottle? Oh, yeah… Guess that’s enough to make ya’ cranky!…  I kill me! Bahahaha!

Bumbershoot Lady

I have the same Yankee Candle “Candelabra” on the table. I did tie a little Butterfly to each side to emphasize the Spring motif. The votives burn pretty quickly so I don’t light them often. I can’t afford to keep replacing them. Especially burning five at one time.

Spring Centerpiece

The napkins are from Target, and I’m only using them for decoration. I WAS filling the napkin rings with regular white paper napkins, so that we could actually use them. Well… I was the ONLY ONE using them. My husband and son were afraid to use them, even after I told them to. Sometimes, I wonder about those two… Anyway, I figured I might as well put some pretty ones in there. I wish I had room for another table in the kitchen.

Table set for Spring

My Mom made the Bunnies in the computer room, from a kit when I was very little. I can’t remember an Easter that they weren’t around.

Vintage Crafted Easter Bunnies

The Easter Candy

And just like in the Living Room, I’ve decided that decorating with real candy looks nicer than the fake stuff. Just fill up an Apothecary Jar with some Jelly Beans and you’re good to go.

Vintage Easter Bunnies

easter 2014 072-001

Easter Vignette

Topiary Bunny

This bunny plant stick is from Pier 1. I’ve seen other people stick them in a pot and fill it with moss to create their own topiary, but I’ll just use it this way for now. I’m so not motivated to craft at this point.

Easter Plush

And last but not least, more Easter plush. Yes, I’m a grown woman who still likes stuffed animals. I will NEVER grow up! And because I’m 5….

Bad Hair Day!

I bought this tiny chick planter from Target, so that I could grow “Easter Grass Hair!” “Hee Hee…”  And I couldn’t resist this cheap cute Easter Cling for the sliding glass door. Hopefully it will distract your eyes from the  puppies nose prints.

easter 2014 208

Now it’s time to go back to organizing and cleaning !

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring!


My Easter Tree 2014

My Easter Tree doesn’t change much from year to year. This year I omitted the birds, nests and butterflies. I like it better without them. There were too many pastels for my house.

Sorry about the dark pictures. Remember, I’m in a townhouse with an inner unit. I have very little natural light.

Our Easter Tree

Sprng Pig Ornament

Bee Ornament

Top of Easter Tree

Bottle Ornament

More Easter Ornaments

I’m thinking about replacing my little tree with a larger Vienna Twig Tree, like the one I purchased for my bedroom. I’d like to get some new ornaments, but there’s no room. I saw some very nice white feather trees used for Easter Trees. Hmmm??? Something to think about.

Daisy Ornament

Pea Pod Ornament

Ornaments on the Easter Tree

Wooden Bunny Ornament

Easter Ornaments

Easter in the Corner

Next up is the Dining Room and my Computer Room.


Spring has Sprung and Easter has arrived in the Living Room.

Happy Spring! I know many of you are extremely anxious for the warmer weather to set in. I, on the other hand, am enjoying the mild Florida weather.

I’m still very busy organizing and I wanted to be so much further along at this point, but life seems to get in the way. I thought about not getting out the Easter Decorations this year, but I decided that we I need a little bit of whimsy in my life to help me get through the next couple of months.

Easter Decor

I bought a lot of new decorations this year, and left a few older ones packed away. I actually had to stop myself from buying even more.

Uptown Rabbits

The first new decorations I purchased are these bunnies. They’re called Uptown Rabbits.

Another Uptown Rabbit is Late!

The Blue Rabbit with the pocket watch reminds me of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

It's Time for Easter!

The only thing they’re missing are a couple of top hats!

Uptown Rabbit is very Dapper

Aren’t they great?!

Vintage German Easter Bunnies

Of course, I wouldn’t dream of leaving these bunnies in storage. That’s me in the picture below with the same basket. I don’t know if that’s the year I received the basket, or if I was just playing with it. The bunnies are obviously worn but that’s because they were, and still are, so well loved by me.

Vintage Easter

Mercury Glass Eggs in Apothecary Jar

I bought the smaller Mercury Glass Eggs from Home Goods last year, and this year I found the big ones.

Coffee Table Decorated for Easter

Of course, I had to have a Yankee Candle. It was a tough decision but I settled on the Peeps. I got the Illuma-Lid too!

Yankee Candle Peeps

It smells very sweet, but I like it. It smells like candy and icing.

Rabbit Pillow from Ballard Designs

You’ve seen my Bunny pillow from Ballard Designs.

Easter in the Living Room

I also got a Yankee Candle votive holder.

Spring has Sprung!

I liked a lot of the Easter pieces they had this year, I just don’t have the space. Once I get upstairs finished, I’ll start decorating for the holidays up there too, and then there’ll be room for more.

Easter Votive from Yankee Candle

My big Easter Bunny now sits on the Living Room chair.

Easter Bunny sitting in Chair

And my Fantel…

Easter Fantel with Sheep and Bunnies

The shelf on my entertainment center is where I put all the little tchotchke-like decorations.

Annalee Chick

My Annalee Chick…

Putz Sheep

The sheep I got last year…

Easter Fantel

This year, I used real candy to decorate.

Candy Filled Silver Baskets

My aunt gave me the silver basket years and years ago. I somehow managed to wind up with the basket she gave my sister as well. Kristen, if you read this, and want it back, let me know. (Don’t mind the tarnish. I intend to polish it, but truth is, I probably won’t.)

Annalee Easter Bunny

My Annalee Bunny…

Easter Sheep

The glass bunnies have been with me forever too. I had more, but broke them through the years.


Putz Easter Sheep

The Easter Fantel

I’m using my son’s Easter Basket to hold the German Paper Mache Eggs.

All Decorated for Easter!

The only vintage one, is the one with the chicks. I got it when I was about 7 or 8? The others are about 10 years old and came from World Market.

Basket with German Eggs

Hope you enjoyed the peak into the living room. I’ll share the Easter Tree next!


Another Rainy Day

I woke up at 10:30 this morning. It’s my only day off from what was a busy, stressful week. And the coming weeks promise more of the same. I’m too old for this shit!

Rainy Day

It’s raining… And thundering… My husband just got a tornado alert on his phone, which does nothing to ease my stress.

Rainy Day

I’m on my third cup of coffee… I can’t seem to “wake up.” It doesn’t help that my house is darker than normal when it’s raining outside.

Storage Unit

We finished moving MOST everything to storage this week. I can’t believe I had all of this in my townhouse, with no attic and no garage. I still have a few more odds and ends, but that will come little by little, as I organize and decorate the spaces that were cleared out.

Storage Unit

So, today I’m supposed to start doing just that… Cleaning and organizing. I’m having a time of it just trying to get off my derriere. I am sick, sick, sick of coming home to an unorganized mess. And, I’m sicker that I have to spend every free moment sorting it out. It’s very overwhelming. I don’t know where to start. Hopefully now, things will start to get better.

Oh… and my husband just texted that there was a tornado touchdown. They are making everyone move to the center of the building. What the hell is that gonna do? Sigh…

Easter Decorations

I went a little crazy and purchased some new Easter and Spring decorations. I can’t wait to get “hopping” with that. But, in the words of my mother, “You can’t decorate a mess!”  LORD give me strength!


My husband just got the all clear at work. Now, I’m worried about my son at school.

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