I took a short trip to my Dad’s house to see Kristen, the kids and Pat.

Isn’t she just the cutest?

Aaron was fascinated with the box turtles in the yard.

We stopped by the prairie dogs and got to see some babies. They’re so cute!

We had dinner at “The Merc..”

We went up to the bakery after dinner and got the kids some goodies.

I think they enjoyed themselves.

We looked around the store, but didn’t buy anything this time.

We stopped by the Immaculate Conception church (The Cathedral of the Osage) to see the stained glass windows. Instead of telling you about it, I’ve included a short video from YouTube.

The windows were stunning. The whole church is beautiful.

The parishioners were in the middle of a novena, so I was limited to where I could go. Next time I’ll get a closer look.

We drove by the The Osage County Historical Society Museum, but it was closed. They have a statue out front commemorating the first Boy Scout troop in America. It was established in Pawhuska in 1909, by Reverend John F. Mitchell, a missionary priest from England.

Mostly, we just relaxed back at my Dad’s.

We drank too much wine, worked on some genealogy, and did a lot of nothing.

My nephew took us to see the dead coyote…

Poor thing.

I brought the kids some “special Florida Alligator Candy.” I think they liked it.

The littles played in the yard…

My niece got her nails painted, LOL.

They blew bubbles with Aunt Pat…

We went for ice cream at Braum’s.

My nephew rode along with my Dad on the lawnmower.

And then it was time to say “See ya later.”

Till next time…

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