I’ve been digging around the internet for inspiration to help me with my new Diet Healthy Eating Plan, and I’ve come across a bit of “Weight Loss History.”

The Fat Lady

Did you know that the only time thin wasn’t in, was for the rich Europeans of the 17th century? I’m not saying they encouraged anyone to be fat, but they definitely appreciated a woman’s curves and voluptuous bosoms. They did, however, discourage sagging and flabby. I guess as long as you were just thick, you were ok.

Voluptuous BeautyThe Toilet of Venus by Peter Paul Rubens can be found at the Thyssen-Bornemisza in  Madrid, Spain.

It might be worth noting that during this time period, Europeans were being introduced to many new foods such as Chocolate and Ice Cream. I’m just saying…

Alas, the days of  Rubenesque beauty are long gone.

Social ideals of thinness have varied over time, and women and menhave gone to great lengths to achieve it.

Poor Guy!

They developed exercise routines… Or rather, they invented machines to exercise for them.

Work it Girl!

Seriously?via Collectors Weekly

Shake it Up!via Collectors Weekly

It's a Scam!

It's just an excuse to get out of the house.via Jenny Gardiner

They created pills, potions and devised plans.

If only it worked.

The shame...

Fleshy? I prefer Fluffy!

And this one takes the cake… The Tape Worm Diet

Oh, hell no!via Weighty Matters

I'll get used to being fat, thank you very much!via The Ornamented Being

When all else failed, you could always join the circus…

Hey. at least you've got a job!

You look fabulous Dahling! Fabulous!

Or perform at the Opera

Sing!via Source

Of course she had to have a name like Brunnhilde.

Of course, I jest. I’d be in real trouble if I lived back then.

But, I wonder… Did they ever go on a real diet?

Diet? What's a diet?

The UK produced a television series in 2008 called “The Diets That Time Forgot,” for Channel 4.

The Diets That Time Forgot

“In this unique experiment, nine 21st century volunteers subject themselves to the weight loss diets and fitness regimes of previous generations. But have they bitten off less than they can chew?”

The Diets That Time Forgot

You can purchase the full episodes at Amazon.com.

Well, I’m off to have another banana… Anyone care to join me for a cuppa tea?

Cuppa?via Pinterest

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