Sandhill Crane Rescue

Back in April, (I am way behind on the blog) my husband and I rescued a baby sandhill crane.

My husband was exiting the gates to our development, and saw the little guy walking straight down the middle of the street, as if leading a parade. Where was Mom and Dad?  I guess the little scooch woke up early, and decided to go for a stroll. Kids!

Hubby quickly turned the car around to come get me, as he called and screamed into the phone for me to “hurry up, come outside and jump in the car.” (I was barefoot, in my “pajamas”, un-showered with bed-head… Looking like a train-wreck) Thank goodness it was early in the morning, and there weren’t too many cars on the road.

After I caught the little cutie, my husband drove, while I walked around for about 45 minutes looking for his family. What a sight I must have been. But I didn’t care.

These birds have a loud, distinct squawk that they use to call out to each other, so eventually we heard them. They were pretty far away, so it was hard to pinpoint their exact location. I was hoping the baby would hear them as well, and squawk back, but he didn’t. Maybe he was too little?

Baby Sandhill Crane

We finally found his parents by the highway, who seemed to be in an organized search-party of four.  I walked towards them, holding the baby out in front of me, until I was close enough to let him down. It was magical. As soon as the little one saw his parents, he ran straight to his mama. I couldn’t have been happier.  I’m 100% positive that if we hadn’t intervened, the outcome would have been very different.

My husband and I watched them as they walked off towards the marshy area by the woods. The little one never left his mother’s side.

The next day I was sitting out on my lanai, when I heard some squawks…

I kid you not… I had to run inside to get my camera.

It was as if they intentionally came by to see me, to say “Thank you.”

At least in my head, I’d like to think that.

Maybe it was a little gift from GOD to show me that what I did, mattered.

I just hope that there’s not a video on YouTube or somewhere, of me walking around that morning, looking like the walking dead. Sigh… No matter, it will have been worth it.

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