Easter in the Dining Room and the Computer Room

Hello, friends! First up is the dining room. These cute little sheep are brand new this year from Pier 1.

Pier One Sheep

I love their faces. They are sooo sweet!

Pier One Sitting Sheep

Bottles on Cart

My Bumbershoot Lady, from Byers Choice, will be living on the Bar Cart for now.

Bart Cart with Bumbershoot Lady

The Bunny Bottle Cover is new from Pottery Barn. I didn’t notice it prior to taking these pictures, but that Bunny is pretty pissed off!

Pottery Barn Bunny

Gee whiz… I wonder what crawled up his butt? What’s that you say? A bottle? Oh, yeah… Guess that’s enough to make ya’ cranky!…  I kill me! Bahahaha!

Bumbershoot Lady

I have the same Yankee Candle “Candelabra” on the table. I did tie a little Butterfly to each side to emphasize the Spring motif. The votives burn pretty quickly so I don’t light them often. I can’t afford to keep replacing them. Especially burning five at one time.

Spring Centerpiece

The napkins are from Target, and I’m only using them for decoration. I WAS filling the napkin rings with regular white paper napkins, so that we could actually use them. Well… I was the ONLY ONE using them. My husband and son were afraid to use them, even after I told them to. Sometimes, I wonder about those two… Anyway, I figured I might as well put some pretty ones in there. I wish I had room for another table in the kitchen.

Table set for Spring

My Mom made the Bunnies in the computer room, from a kit when I was very little. I can’t remember an Easter that they weren’t around.

Vintage Crafted Easter Bunnies

The Easter Candy

And just like in the Living Room, I’ve decided that decorating with real candy looks nicer than the fake stuff. Just fill up an Apothecary Jar with some Jelly Beans and you’re good to go.

Vintage Easter Bunnies

easter 2014 072-001

Easter Vignette

Topiary Bunny

This bunny plant stick is from Pier 1. I’ve seen other people stick them in a pot and fill it with moss to create their own topiary, but I’ll just use it this way for now. I’m so not motivated to craft at this point.

Easter Plush

And last but not least, more Easter plush. Yes, I’m a grown woman who still likes stuffed animals. I will NEVER grow up! And because I’m 5….

Bad Hair Day!

I bought this tiny chick planter from Target, so that I could grow “Easter Grass Hair!” “Hee Hee…”  And I couldn’t resist this cheap cute Easter Cling for the sliding glass door. Hopefully it will distract your eyes from the  puppies nose prints.

easter 2014 208

Now it’s time to go back to organizing and cleaning !

Happy Spring!

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