Pine Cone Elves

I made some pine cone elves. Yay! I’ve been wanting to make them since forever ago.

pine cone elves 084

First, let me say that this craft project isn’t as quick and easy as it looks. It takes some time to get nice looking elves.

I based my elves on the Martha Stewart directions and templates which you can find here and here.

The steps and supply list come directly from the Martha Stewart website.

  • Pinecones, from (I just used a few from my basket.)

  • IMPORTANT: Use Pine Cones with closed, flat bottoms like the picture below.

pine cone elves 010

  • Wool felt, from (I already had the felt.)

  • Brown pipe cleaners (I used different color pipe cleaners.)

  • Hot-glue gun

  • 3/4-inch wooden craft bead (I should have read this more carefully as I bought the wrong size heads. My elves look portly, lol)

  • Acrylic paint

  • Disappearing-ink pen (I didn’t use)

  • Needle and thread to match felt

  • Metallic bell bead or very small metallic jingle bell

  • I used fake fur for beards



Make arms and legs: Cut two pieces, each about 4 inches long, from brown pipe cleaners. Hold a pinecone (about 2 inches long) so bottom end points up. Tuck one piece of pipe cleaner between the scales of the pinecone, positioning it as the arms. Position the other piece as legs. Secure with a hot-glue gun. Bend ends of legs to make feet.

pine cone elves 021


Make head: Hot-glue a 3/4-inch wooden craft bead (hole side down) to the end of the pinecone. Draw two eyes with a black felt pen. Dab a small, dry paintbrush into red acrylic paint; blot. Lightly dab on wooden bead for rosy cheeks.I would paint the head BEFORE you attach it to the body. I DIDN’T and I was sorry. I also decided to paint the eyes on because I thought it would look nicer. Next time, I’ll use the marker. Do you know how hard it is to paint on perfect tiny circles? We live and learn… Sigh…

pine cone elves 032


Make mittens: Print and cut out the mittens from the elf template. Stack two pieces of felt. Place mitten template on top and trace with a disappearing-ink pen; cut out shapes. Repeat to make another pair. With matching thread, use a tight whipstitch to sew together pairs of mitten shapes. I didn’t use the disappearing ink, I just traced around the templates. Make sure your scissors are very sharp.

pine cone elves 008


Make shoes: Print and cut out the shoes from the elf template. Stack two pieces of felt. Place shoe templates on top, and trace with a disappearing-ink pen. With matching thread, use a tight whipstitch to sew one teardrop piece to one notched piece around the point of the teardrop. At the rounded end, pull the notched ends together to make the shoe’s opening. Repeat.

pine cone elves 014


Make scarf and hat: Cut out a rectangular piece of felt. For hat, print and cut out template. Trace template onto felt using a disappearing-ink pen. Form into a cone; sew the straight edges together. Use the end of a paintbrush or chopstick to turn the cone inside out. Attach a metallic bell bead by pulling needle and thread up through pointy section and through bell, then back down again; knot underneath. I added jingle bells to some of the shoes too.

pine cone elves 043


Place mittens and shoes on elf; if arms and legs look long, remove mittens and shoes and trim arms and legs. Put on hat; it should pitch back slightly. Tie on scarf.

pine cone elves 035

I attached a beard over the scarf. I WOULD NOT use this fake fur again, as I’m not thrilled with the way it came out. It was also extremely messy, very messy!  I tried cotton balls for the beards and those didn’t look right either.

pine cone elves 038

Here’s the finished elves… It took about four hours to make three. Really!

pine cone elves 090

They came out cute, but I’m not sure if they’re four hours cute. I’ll try them again, but next time I’ll know better.

pine cone elves 091

pine cone elves 094

So, I can scratch “crafting” off my list for the Fall. I feel accomplished!


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