First Day of Junior Year in High School

One day I blinked… And now my son is a Junior in High School. What the heck happened? Sigh…

I think I say that every year. But it’s true.

First Day of 11th Grade

First Day of 11th Grade

First Day of 11th Grade

The boy is happy to be back. At least until he starts getting too much homework. He’s happy to see his friends.

Second Day of 11th Grade

It’s been a crazy week, we’re still recuperating from our trip to Oklahoma. It’s slow going there.

Third Day of Junior Year

Third Day of Junior Year

On the third day of school, we already had to pull him out of class early.

Third Day of Junior Year

Time for Bottom Braces

He had an appointment at the orthodontist to get his bottom braces put on. Finally!


He hates them! He especially hates that they aren’t clear, like the top ones. He’ll get over it.

Fourth Day of Junior Year


It’s a relief to have the first week in the bag. I pray it’s a good year!

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