Light Fixture Fail

I was so excited ya’ll! I finally convinced my husband to purchase a light fixture for the living room. Do you know how many years I’ve been begging? Just how many years have we lived here? 10? That many!


Anyway, My husband agreed to hang it this weekend. I was super pumped. YES! Finally!

Light Fixture Disaster

He got the ladder out, we were ready… It was happening!

Light Fixture Disaster

Light Fixture Disaster

Do you have any idea how heavy that sucker was? Let’s put it this way…

How many numbskulls does it take to hang a light fixture? Apparently, more numbskulls than we have residing in this house. Me, my brother-in-law and son, all three together, couldn’t hold that sucker up, long enough for my husband to hang it. I wish I was able to videotape the debacle. Or at least snap off a single photo. It was something to be seen. (Insert facepalm here.)

And, if we had been able to… If my husband had managed to get it hung somehow… It probably would have brought the ceiling down.

Now… Now, I have to call an electrician to come and hang it. He’ll probably have to reinforce something, somewhere, too. I bet it’ll cost me a fortune. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than the light fixture itself.

Why me? How come nothing ever goes my way? In all fairness, the website says, “Professional Installation Recommended.” 

I thought that was just something they had to state for legal reasons. You know… like this one:


I guess, I’m the idiot that the warning labels are made for. Sigh…


  1. February 1, 2016 / 2:21 PM

    Bummer…..hate when that happens! I wish I was there to see it. I’m sure it was hysterical…LOL

    • Karen
      February 19, 2016 / 2:57 PM

      It WAS hysterical… After the fact. Those boys need to join a gym! I’m sure you can picture it though, lol.

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