Braces and Oral Surgery

My poor child has barely started the 10th grade and he’s already needed to take a few days off from school.

Braces Before

First up… Braces! (This is our second round) They started with the upper teeth.

Braces After

Next… His wisdom teeth needed to come out, along with a baby tooth that hadn’t come down by itself. And why hadn’t it come down by itself? He has an impacted tooth. It’s sideways. So it never pushed out the baby tooth.


Removing the baby tooth was really no big deal, it was the impacted tooth… They are going to try to save the tooth, but that required surgery as well. At the same time they did the wisdom teeth, they cut open his palette and attached a button to the impacted tooth. They left a wire hanging so they could attach that to his braces. When he gets his braces tightened, they’ll pull down the tooth, little by little.

Post Oral Surgery

It wasn’t a fun week for anyone, but it was necessary. He’s on his way to having a beautiful smile, and it will only take us a few years to pay the bills. Hopefully. Sigh… Double Sigh…


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