I Need a Valentine’s Day Do-Over

Valentine’s Day was a complete disaster. I want a do-over. There were no flowers, chocolates, or gifts opened in this house. As a matter of fact, it was the Valentine’s Day that wasn’t. Cupid didn’t even bother to make an appearance.

Poor Gubler was so sick. The night before, he was puking, and restless, and I think he was having trouble breathing. The vet said he had an attack of pancreatitis. My poor baby was so lethargic. The vet gave him a shot for nausea, antibiotics and a pain-killer. I was a wreck. It was devastating to see him lying there like that.


We had to hold up his head, just so he could have a drink of water.


And to make matters worse, he wasn’t the only sick one. My son had complained about a sore throat the night before, but woke up with a fever. We took him the doctor, after the vet. He has the flu. When it rains, it pours.


It just wasn’t a good day.

We got take out for dinner, but didn’t even really eat it. I don’t know why we even bothered.



Poor Gubler

Poor Gubler

My husband and I slept on the couch all night. We didn’t really sleep though. I got up around six, had a cup of coffee, and then passed out until about one in the afternoon. The good news is, both Gubler and my son are feeling a lot better today. Gubler still isn’t 100% yet, but he’s up and about, and eating the special food the vet gave him. I feel relieved. I was so worried. And the Tamiflu the doctor gave my son, seemed to work really well. He’s feeling tons better.

My husband promised a Valentine’s do-over next weekend. I hope your day was better than mine. It wouldn’t take much. Sigh…



Gubler seems to have made a full recovery from the Pancreatitis. He really had us worried. But, when we took him back to the doctor for more tests, we discovered he has heart disease. We are just devastated. He’s now taking medications for that. My poor Gubler just can’t seem to catch a break. But… We love him to death, and we’re taking good care of him.


  1. February 16, 2015 / 10:34 AM

    YAY!!!!!! So happy to hear everyone is on the mend!!!!!! Love and miss you all so much xoxoxoxoxo

    • Karen
      February 16, 2015 / 10:42 AM

      We love and miss you too!

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