My Easter Tree 2014

My Easter Tree doesn’t change much from year to year. This year I omitted the birds, nests and butterflies. I like it better without them. There were too many pastels for my house.

Sorry about the dark pictures. Remember, I’m in a townhouse with an inner unit. I have very little natural light.

Our Easter Tree

Sprng Pig Ornament

Bee Ornament

Top of Easter Tree

Bottle Ornament

More Easter Ornaments

I’m thinking about replacing my little tree with a larger Vienna Twig Tree, like the one I purchased for my bedroom. I’d like to get some new ornaments, but there’s no room. I saw some very nice white feather trees used for Easter Trees. Hmmm??? Something to think about.

Daisy Ornament

Pea Pod Ornament

Ornaments on the Easter Tree

Wooden Bunny Ornament

Easter Ornaments

Easter in the Corner

Next up is the Dining Room and my Computer Room.

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