Valentine’s Day 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Honestly, we didn’t do much. My house is a disaster, so I didn’t even decorate. The Christmas Tree in my computer room is STILL UP. It’s undecorated, but regardless… We are still organizing and putting things into storage, and doing it properly is taking way longer than I thought.

We didn’t even go out to eat because I just started a new eating plan, and I wanted to get comfortable with it. I did buy some cupcakes for everyone else… Ok, I confess, I had ONE.

valentines Day Cupcakes

Gift-wise, I was very spoiled this year.

I got roses… I still haven’t mastered floral arranging, lol.

Valentine's Day Roses

I got a Disney Dooney… That was a shocker. Sometimes my husband can be such a sneak.

Disney Dooney

The last time we were at Disney I practically begged for it, but he refused. I was so mad, lol!

Disney Dooney

Valentine's Day 2014

It was also a huge surprise for another reason. My husband isn’t very good at picking things out and surprising me on Valentine’s Day. Flowers yes, gifts no. Usually he asks what I want, I tell him and we go get it together. This year, I told him I wanted a Pandora Bracelet and he already agreed. After he gave me the Disney Dooney, I didn’t want to be greedy, so I didn’t even ask about the bracelet. But he remembered…

Pandora Bracelet

The bracelet came with the heart in the middle and the two heart clips. I had already purchased the Mickey charm in anticipation of getting the bracelet. Well, you know me… I have to have at least one Disney charm.

Crystal Frog Pendant

And then, just by chance, we happened to be out shopping when I spotted this frog necklace. I love frogs! My husband just sighed… “How much is it?” I guess he figured we weren’t going to spend the money on a big dinner. I luv him!

Hope you all had a great day!

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