A Visit to the Veterinarian

Liesl and Gubler went to the vet today. My fur babies are gonna be the death of me.

Poor Liesl...

Liesl has been battling a chronic staph infection almost since day one. She’s been on a special, very expensive diet for the past few months, and that hasn’t helped any. The infection is back with a vengeance and is worse than ever. Sigh… Regardless, we’ve decided to keep giving her the same food. She loves it, and it’s better for her. She’s lost 10 pounds since we’ve stopped giving her table scraps and other treats. We came home with two new medications to try.

Poor Gubler... Sigh...

And my poor Gubler. Gubler has been having seizures. It’s Star Gazer/Fly Catcher Syndrome. The vet did some blood tests to rule out any problems with his liver and they all came back normal. She’s put in a call to a specialist to see how we should proceed. To say the least, I’m a wreck. Sad smile Sigh. When it rains it pours.

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