First Day of Middle School

Today was the first day of Middle School. Sigh…

First Day of Middle SchoolDear Son was up early, and raring to go. Well, maybe he wasn’t raring to go… But he was definitely up!

PreschoolIt seems like only yesterday that I was dropping him off on the first day of Preschool.


First GradeFirst Grade

Second GradeSecond Grade

Third GradeThird Grade

Fourth GradeFourth Grade

Fifth GradeFifth Grade

First Day of Middle SchoolSixth Grade.

Sigh… His days of making Macaroni Art are officially over.

First Day of Middle SchoolHe’s not a little kid anymore. Soon, he’ll be graduating from High School. I think I’m going to go and have a good cry.

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  1. August 22, 2011 / 11:31 PM

    Time does fly but not that fast! You will have time to enjoy and live in the moments. I am enjoying each chapter in our son's lives. So much fun to see them grow into adults! So cherish the years but don't fear the future. It's all good!

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