Concessions. Giving in to our Husband’s awful taste in decorating.

My husband is pretty easy going when it comes to decorating. At least he is now.

When we first got married, I was very much into country decorating, Primitive Country. He hated it with a passion. He always complained that everything smelled funny and made him nauseous. He said everything looked old and creeped him out. Because he disliked it so much, the first time we moved, I let go of the primitive country and started to lean towards more of a traditional/eclectic/whatever I can afford look. (I still have quite a few “primitive” pieces that I love; I just sneak them in.) Dear Husband was so happy with the change, that he hasn’t said a word about the way I decorate, since then. He doesn’t even blink an eye at my teddy bears and fairy doors. He just doesn’t care as long as I’m not emptying out his wallet.

One day, Dear Husband spotted a couple of prints at one of those stores that sells autographs, props and movie memorabilia. He fell in love with them, but the price tag was higher than he was willing to pay. I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank Goodness they were out of his price range, because they were ugly and I definitely didn’t want them hanging in my house.

A few weeks later we were visiting the flea market, and lo and behold, there amongst the mass produced paintings, in a stack of matted prints, were the exact same prints that we had seen at the overpriced memorabilia store. The quality was even the same. Unfortunately, the price was much lower. Much lower. My husband, with a big grin on his face, had them bought and paid for before I could even protest. Uggh… For once it was him who was celebrating the great bargain he had found. Me? Not so much.

Fortunately, there really wasn’t room to hang both prints together. The print of the Sopranos didn’t make the cut. Smile Maybe we’ll find a place for it someday?

The Soprano family didn't make the cut.

But… I had no choice, and conceded to the print of Goodfellas. (He lives with all my girly stuff, after all.) It’s now proudly displayed in my computer room. Annoyed


I try to work around it, just like everything else in my house that I don’t like.

You just have to decorate around it.

The large apothecary jar contains a deck of vintage playing cards from Spain, that depict Spanish Explorers. The other jar holds scrabble pieces.


I do try to offset my girly things with masculine touches. Mobster prints are just a little more than I bargained for. But hey… We’re from New Jersey. I wish we had a basement. Sad smile


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