My Little Hole In The Wall, My Town House

When we bought our town house, it was only supposed to be a temporary thing. After my husband was transferred to Florida from California, we rented another town home in the same development we live in now. After a year, the landlord raised the rent.

We were going to keep renting for a little longer, to save up for a bigger down payment on a larger house. Then, we realized that we could purchase one of the townhomes in our development, for the same price as what we were paying in rent, minus the HOA. The prices of the townhomes had already dropped by about $50,000, and we figured they couldn’t possibly drop much more. We thought it was a good investment. We talked to lots of people who agreed it was a smart move. And might I mention that my husband is in the “mortgage business.”

Town House Development

So… We purchased one of the nicest units, with the plan that we’d stay here for a little while to save more money, and then move on. You probably already know the rest of the story. Right after we purchased, the values dropped by an additional $100,000. Wow! Damn! It was really unbelievable. Our investment is pretty much worthless.

Needless to say, we have come to the realization (I more than my Dear Husband), that this is now our permanent home. At least for now.

Town House Development

I just keep thinking that it could be much worse. At least we have something that’s ours and can afford to pay the mortgage every month. Others aren’t so lucky.

Town House Development

We’re doing the best we can to turn it into our home. The love is there… It’s just the aesthetics that aren’t. It still seems very much like a rental. It’s hard when you’re on a tight budget and know that it’ll cost a couple hundred dollars just to change out the switch plates. We’re doing little by little. Sometimes as little as twenty bucks at a time.

Town House Development

But I have big plans for our “little hole in the wall.”

After all, those little hole in the wall places have quite a good reputation.

They are THE place to be. That’s how I’m looking at it. I’ll never have a show home, but I will have the warmest, coziest, homiest little hole in the wall.

Town House Development

Hopefully, we can ride things out for a couple of years and things will turn around. I’m praying every day.

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